To provide an inclusive platform for distillers licensed in British Columbia that promotes responsible growth of an innovative and vibrant craft spirits industry within the Province.


Membership is open to those distilleries that are licensed to produce beverage spirits in the Province of British Columbia and use a pot still for production. Distillers starting with neutral spirits produced by others must substantially alter the character of the spirit. Maximum production of the distillery should not exceed 100,000 liters of absolute alcohol per year.


  • Inclusive of all craft distilleries in BC
  • Lobby for changes in government policy that allow all craft distilleries to thrive
  • Build relationships with similar associations across North America
  • Promote collaboration between distilleries
  • Set industry standards and definitions
  • Promote craft spirits awareness with consumers

How can we contact the BCCDA?

  • BC Craft Distilling Association (Reg. Society #0062425)
  • Mailing Address: BC Craft Distilling Association, c/o McMillan LLP, 1500-1055 West Georgia Street, Vancouver, BC, V6E 4N7  Attn: Michael Reid
  • eMail: info@BCcraftdistilling.com

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